Fast and furious

Megan Puente, Staff Writer

When coming into Dulaney High School, freshman Catherine Campbell knows how to take a step in the right direction. After the first few weeks, Campbell loves Dulaney and has adjusted to the new chapter of her life very well, while becoming an important athlete to the girls cross country team. After running for three years, Campbell decided to join the cross country team at Dulaney to continue her passion. To describe herself as an athlete, Campbell uses the words competitive, hardworking and determined. 

Campbell runs on the varsity team, so she is younger than most of the other girls, which is a big change from middle school. It is a lot more competitive, but the team is much more supportive. In middle school, Campbell would run as a team but now Campbell competes for herself.

“Everyone is really nice and supportive, I really like the team. But if I do bad I don’t blame anyone else but if I do good I get all the credit,” said Campbell.  

So far this cross country season, Campbell has placed 2nd at the Barnhart Invitational and 5th at the Bull Run invitational. She also placed 10th at the Carlisle Invitational and 8th at the Maryland XC Invitational at Shawan Downs. Campbell is excited to continue this sport throughout her high school career. 

“I’m hoping we can do well in states, maybe top ten and I hope our team can place top ten too,” said Campbell. 

Campbell is a very competitive athlete who likes the idea of being in an individual sport and relying on herself to do her best. Being a freshman in a school of 2,000 students, Campbell has made a good impression with her running skills. Campbell can’t wait for the rest of the school year and to compete in more races.