The epitome of a player: Eve Fowler

Brooke Ellis, Staff Writer

Starting on the Varsity field hockey team, Eve Fowler is a versatile  player who gets along with everyone, despite being one of the two freshmen on the team. Something that caught the eyes of the coaches during tryouts was her kindness and encouraging words. She is a coachable player and constantly looking for ways to get better.

 “She is the epitome of what coaches look for,” said Brittany Jackson, head coach of the team. 

Dedicating her time to field hockey for 9 years, Fowler puts her heart into everything she does. She is aggressive, respectful, and a strong player– mentally and physically– taking control of the midfield when she steps on. She always listens to the advice given; she can also be seen staying late after practice, or before practice, working on how to improve. Considering her position on the field, it is important to have good communication with players across the field.

“She communicates great with the older girls, lots of good talk, and she’s always in the right spot at the right time,” said Jackson.

Field Hockey is currently undefeated in their regular season, and are starting their journey to playoffs! Fowler has had over 10 assists this season, proving that she is a selfless player. She feels the team has a strong sense of community, but sometimes it’s lost when they are down. 

 When asked about how she wants to improve on their losses, she said “ I think we need to come together and really work together when we are down.”

One of her favorite memories this year has been pep-rally, especially getting ready with her team in the morning. It was a fun experience that brought her closer with her teammates.

“She’s able to read her teammates, know what they are going to do, maybe even before they know what they are going to do,” said Jackson.

 Fowler plans to use her motivation and passion for the sport to further her team’s success through encouraging words and kind actions.