Lions return to the diamond


Cooper Woest, Sports Writer

The year 2020 was the curveball of all curveballs as the world stopped for the COVID-19 pandemic. The world stepped up to the metaphorical plate to face a pitcher that no one knew. Some countries were able to bounce back quickly, but in the United States, the strikeouts were piling up. It was overwhelmingly evident that most Americans were affected by the seemingly endless closures and cancellations of all things we loved. For nearly 8 million high school athletes across the country, it stung a little more. In a flash, these athletes were separated from an aspect of their lives that they had been so committed to for years, often having played from the age of five or even younger. This included Dulaney’s baseball team.

“My initial reaction was shock and just disappointment,” said senior pitcher Todd Mozoki when touching on his initial reaction to the postponement of the 2020 Dulaney baseball season. “I really felt for the seniors who grinded all winter and were going to finally play as a senior and get their last season ever, taken from them.”

With such a long time between seasons, it has been very challenging for athletes to adjust to the return to the field. Baseball is a game that requires a combination of skill and good physical conditioning and without the chance to play, these skills can be diminished quickly. But since other Dulaney players like Mozoki have been actively working to maintain and increase the quality of their game, the team should be primed for a good season. Senior outfielder Rahil Talati has high hopes for the season and expects the team to perform well.

“I think that we’ll do well. Our senior class is pretty solid and the younger guys look pretty good,” said Talati.

To players like Mozoki and Talati, this season means a little more because of having missed an entire season last year due to the pandemic and watching the seniors get their last season taken from them. In addition, this season also could mark the last season of organized baseball for most of the team.

“It means a lot to have one more year after losing a whole season. It really taught me to appreciate every moment and don’t take anything for granted,” said Mozoki.

“It feels great to be back out on the field especially since we didn’t get to play last season…missing the season last year definitely impacts that but also for most of us it’s the last time that we’ll be playing baseball,”  said Talati.

The Lions play their first game of the season on May 1, and the team hopes to pick up where they left off. As they take the field and step between the lines for the first time in over a year, they will act as a glimpse back at normalcy where we all can step up to the plate and hit the curveball.