O’Connor strikes success

O’Connor strikes success

Giorgio Gayleard, Staff Writer

Coming off a hot sophomore season, junior Matt O’Connor is back for round three of allied bowling.

After last year’s performance, winning the “High Roller” award for having the best average score on the year, O’Connor is looking to have another great season.

O’Connor is currently averaging an 85, but has a season high score of 113.

“He is very enthusiastic about bowling and eager to head to the Bowlero Lanes every week,” head coach Anita Shaw said.

The team has had one match so far this season, and has three more scheduled. They will be participating in the BCPS West Division County Championships Feb. 14, which O’Connor is thrilled for.

O’Connor’s favorite part about bowling is trying to “knock all those pins down, getting a strike,” he said. He enjoys the competition aspect of it and has a great time with his teammates and coaches.

Aside from being a great bowler, O’Connor is a great teammate as well.

“He can always be seen with a smile on his face at practices and matches and is a great teammate as he always encourages others,” Shaw said.

The program itself is extremely beneficial to both parties. Both the players and buddies support and encourage one another.

“The partnership is nothing short of amazing and I believe is changing our school as we strive to value individuals with disabilities and to learn from them to become compassionate, caring people,” Shaw said.

O’Connor does things his own way. Rather than imitating a certain style or technique, he brings creativity to his game.

”I go with the flow. I do my own things.” O’Connor will channel this unique style at the lanes Feb. 14 and do his best to help win the county championship.