Sophomore’s serve slays


Emlyn Langlieb, Editor-in-chief

Sophomore Izzy Hodiste dedicated eight years of her life to softball, but decided to branch out to volleyball freshman year.

“My arms were already pretty strong, so I started playing and then picked it up,” Hodiste

Since then, she has become junior varsity volleyball captain and gained fast points for the team. Sophomore Victoria Andrade praises her teammate’s abilities and positive outlook.

“Izzy has a really great serve and an amazing attitude that really pulls the team together,” Andrade said.
Junior varsity head coach Chelsea Mead acknowledges the importance of Hodiste’s serve to the team.

“Izzy’s serve is her biggest weapon. When her serve is on there’s very little chance we will lose,” Mead said.

As captain, she understands both the struggles and successes of leading a team.

“Sometimes it’s difficult because there are a lot of girls on the team. But it’s fun because I get to know everyone in a different way,” Hodiste said.

Hodiste enjoys creating motivational exercises for the team to pump up before games. One way she motivates the team is by forming a circle and having each player say a goal they have for the game. Another pre-game ritual includes them shouting in a circle and screaming. Coach Mead appreciates Hodiste as both a cheerleader for her teammates and her incredible skill.

“She is the heart of the team. When she is on we won’t lose. When she is off you would never know it by her play. Her hustle never stops. I couldn’t ask for a better captain.”