Determined to succeed

Will Boellner, Staff writer

Basketball was never her priority, but over the course of two seasons, junior forward Cori Levy has worked hard to make it one.
Despite basketball being her secondary sport, Levy was determined to make varsity. Levy trained intensively in the offseason by joining the spring Bigger Faster Stronger (BFS) program as well as playing soccer in the fall. Levy was rewarded for her training, as she has gone from being a reserve on junior varsity last year to a starter on a varsity team with a 9-11 record at press time,.
“My biggest improvement from last year is getting in better shape,” Levy said. “It’s really putting an impact on my playing time.”
Levy’s improvements this season have not gone unnoticed by her teammates.
“She’s become more and more aggressive and confident when going to the basket or taking shots inside the key,” sophomore guard Mae Dickens said, “She is always pushing herself and encouraging everyone around her.”
Coaches too have taken notice of Levy’s new level of play.
“She has adjusted to the pace of the game well. She works hard each day and is very coachable and willing to modify her game to succeed at the varsity level,” head coach Jessica Szymanski said.
Levy wants to prove she can be her best and benefit her team anyway possible. She hit a game-winning shot in a 54-51 victory against Western Tech Dec. 16.
“I plan on helping my team succeed this year by never hanging my head down when we’re down and trying to get as many assists I can,” she said.