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Words with Wynkoop

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Words with Wynkoop

Principal Samuel Wynkoop works at his desk Nov. 13.

Principal Samuel Wynkoop works at his desk Nov. 13.

Principal Samuel Wynkoop works at his desk Nov. 13.

Principal Samuel Wynkoop works at his desk Nov. 13.

Olivia Summons, Editor-in-Chief

Eager to engage with his students, Principal Samuel Wynkoop sat down with the Griffin staff to relay his vision for Dulaney.

“One of my overarching goals is building better relationships. Ones that make students feel included, that makes them feel important and welcome.”

Wynkoop proposes an emphasis on the importance of humanistic relationships, stressing that student-teacher bonds preface the need for favorable statistics.

In the Jan. 2017 school year students took a stakeholders survey to convey their thoughts regarding student teacher relations by answering the question “Do you believe your teachers care about you?”

“Last year 30 percent of our kids in the BCPS stakeholder survey said that the adults in the building do not care about them as people,” Wynkoop said.

Low percentage it may be, but to Wynkoop, it’s simply unsatisfactory.

“For me, personally, that’s very hard to hear as a principal, that’s unacceptable,” Wynkoop said.

Focused on decreasing this percentage to zero, Wynkoop proposes an open field of communication where students can come to him and talk about the changes they wish to see at Dulaney.

“I would love for students to know that I care about them; I don’t want them to see me as just the big scary man with a tie who sits in his office all day.” Wynkoop said.

With the goal of student inclusion on the forefront, Wynkoop hopes to involve himself in student life as much as possible. He is anticipative of teachers and staff following his lead and immersing themselves into their students as frequently as possible.

“Communication verbally, communication in writing, all those different things are going to be needed in this next generation’s work force and as long as I’m here, relationships are going to be a pinnacle,” Wynkoop said.

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