Our school counselors from A to K

Addison Michael, Staff Writer

Just left of Dulaney High School’s (DHS) main office dwells a dedicated team of adults focused on one thing: the wellbeing of their students. Each school counselor was interviewed individually, and every one of them welcomed questions with clear passion. Despite the short interviews, it was clear that our school has been gifted with an incredible team. 

The counseling office is composed of six student-assigned counselors, one college and career readiness (CCR) counselor and two secretaries. The counselors – with the exception of the CCR counselor – are assigned alphabetically by student last name, A – Z. Commencing in order, the first interviewee was Donna Fritz.

Following Fritz’s interview, the words passion and humor are ones that best illustrate her personality. In fact, Fritz has wanted to help people since she was very young.

Initially and this was when I was very young I thought maybe I could be a psychiatrist with the hope of helping people and helping people realize their potential…At this time, I realized that people have to have that motivation themselves, but I can facilitate their search for self and understanding of their journey,” said Fritz.

Her humor became apparent when asked whether she would rather be chronically underdressed or overdressed.

“It’s probably in my nature to dress and stick out like a sore thumb. It took me a long time to realize, for example, when I went to church and looked around, I was the only one that was still in a dress and heels,” said Fritz.

After attending a private high school and college, Fritz earned her master’s in psychology at Loyola. At DHS, she is assigned to students with last names starting with A – Con. After a long but fulfilling day of working with students, Fritz returns home to two playful Bichon dogs.

Out of school, he’s a musician; but in school, he’s fiercely dedicated to his students. John Komosa is assigned to students with last names starting with Coo – G. He’s the school counseling office department chair, working hard throughout the entire year. 

Komosa grew up with a great interest in psychology. After choosing the subject as his college major, Komosa was eventually led to school counseling. 

“I obviously had an interest in psychology. That’s what I chose to be my major. I wanted to be in a profession that was helping people, but I didn’t see myself being a full time clinician working in a hospital or for private practice therapists. School counseling kind of touches a lot of different things,” said Komosa.

Besides being an avid musician, Komosa enjoys spending time with his dog, Reggie. When asked if he’d rather swim in a pool of nutella or maple syrup, he had a surprising response.

“I’m going through pros and cons… yeah, I’m going to go with maple syrup. I’m not sure why,” said Komosa.

Assigned to students H – K, Kristin Holste is the newest addition to DHS’ counseling team. She attended Loyola where she would earn her master’s in school counseling. After just a single conversation with her, you’ll see that Holste is an adventurous and energetic person; tales of such adve

ntures like hikes around the country (and even outside of it!) exhibit her vibrant personality.

Holste is tremendously supportive of her students, and is constantly reminding them that she is there for them, no matter the circumstances.

“I just would like students to know that they can come to us whenever, for any issue, for any reason. I got into school counseling to support students so they don’t feel alone in any situation,” said Holste. 

When asked whether she’d rather walk to work in heels or drive to work in reverse, Holste explained that she is unable to walk in heels so she “would very much rather drive”.

Follow up with the second part of this article in the coming weeks to get to know the remaining counselors!