Wyrds with Wynkoop: something, someplace and someone


(Photo/Erin Patterson)

Erin Patterson, Editor-in-chief

Principal Sam Wynkoop sat down with the Griffin staff to talk about his thoughts on this upcoming school year.

Q: What is your general outlook for the school year? How are you feeling?

A: Feeling way good. It’s such a difference a year makes. I feel as if that there’s just been [for community, teachers and kids] less angst coming into this year. I feel that last year was a kind of a tough, unique and weird transition into the year, but I feel we’re all grounded a little bit more. I think that we, as a school and as a faculty and staff, learned a lot when trying to make some adjustments last year. I feel like the whole of September and October in that first quarter last year everybody was reacting. I think we’ve been in a better position to be proactive this year. Over those general principles I think that things are generally going much better. 

Q: Are there any mantras or mindsets that you and the staff are using this year such as ‘I love Dulaney’ in the past? 

A: Yes, we’re going to continue that [I love Dulaney] line. I have designed and had to copy and print 4,000 postcards to be used to send to students and families when there’s positive news to share about a student’s grades, attitude, effort or kindness. A pack of 20 will be given to the instructional leadership team and teachers will be given them. Once filled out there will be a positive vibe receptacle that teachers may place them in. We will take care of postage and the process. In terms of mantra, I think I’d rather just have people emote positive help and take care of each other. I really think that as much as we can do to just kind of a mode that we’re in this together. Let’s keep that upward trajectory and just kind of live more in a positive space and to look for ways that we can help celebrate that.   

Q: What were some words of encouragement or anything that you would like students to know?

A: I’ve been in education for 23 years. I’ve been in and seen schools of every shape and size and I’ve always said that I always feel like there is something, someone and someplace in this school. Friends, clubs, athletics, performing arts, visual arts and anime. If anybody isn’t feeling any, come let me know and I’ll help you. I hope that if anybody is ever not feeling good, that they will come to see me or counselor. I think that there’s a place for everybody and if you’re not feeling comfortable in the space, let me help. Let me see what I can do to help make you feel comfortable. There’s so many varieties and crosses that everybody bears and people come in with different backgrounds, resources and interests.