Ms. Hopkins, or should I say, Ms. Fashionista?


Takara Wilson, Staff Writer

You may know her as your English or creative writing teacher, but you should know that as an avid wearer of grandpa sweaters in the winter and white boots year round, Meekah Hopkins ranks as one of the top stylish teachers at Dulaney. In contrast to her high school years when the color black was a norm in everyday wear, mixing a variety of prints and matching splotches of color is now her go-to. 

Hopkins feels that rather than having a fashion awakening moment, it has been an ever evolving process of trying different pieces to combine multiple aesthetics – ridding the common assumption that a person can only have one definition of their fashion style.

“I think of style or fashion as art and just expressing whatever it is you want to express, and everybody does that, I think, in a different way, people that really consider clothing. I want to express just kind of like a free-spirited, fun, positive, different vibe, so I guess that’s kind of what inspires me,” Hopkins said.

In addition to her definition of fashion, she prioritizes feeling comfortable and confident in what she wears. Hopkins emphasizes that those two things may hold different manifestations in clothes for everyone–whether that’s wearing a pair of tennis shoes with a dress or boots with jeans.

“I would say that anybody can wear anything, it’s just a matter of being confident enough to try it and not taking yourself too seriously: It’s clothes, you’re not getting a grade everyday for that so just not being afraid to try different styles or different things. People can rock that all day long, it’s just feeling good while doing that,” Hopkins said. 

For Hopkins, fashion is a fun process where she can wake up in the morning and ask herself: Who do I want to be today? She hopes others can share this same positive sentiment.