Senior Spotlight: Olivia Kahn

Anna Albergo, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Olivia Kahn is using her time outside of class to gain practical experience in the field of political science through Dulaney’s internship program. Anna Albergo sat down with Kahn to learn more about her experiences. 

Q: Where is your internship?

A: I intern with Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger. I’m at the District Office right at Padonia.

Q: Why were you interested in doing that internship?

A: I want to do something with political science. I thought I was just going to do an internship at a law firm but Ms. Carter and Ms. Carlson who run the program said I could intern at a Congressman’s office and I thought that sounded better.

Q: How often do you intern?

A: I do six hours a week, Mondays and Tuesdays 2-5.

Q: What is a typical day like at your internship?

A: I answer the phone and people are constantly calling. I sort through the mail and distribute it.

Q: Do you have any other duties and responsibilities?

A: Our office just started doing hybrid because of COVID so not everyone’s there all the time. So, I do more office things that you can’t do at home like sending copies to people and faxing things.

Q: Who do you generally interact with?

A: My supervisor. Her name is Payton. We get a lot of calls about immigration issues so I’m working with the guy who handles immigration law.

Q: What have you learned at your internship?

A: I learned what members of Congress actually do. Before, I just thought they voted on laws but they actually do so much more. They help the constituents with whatever they need and whatever we can help them with. What I’ve learned the most is the division between state, local and federal politics. Every time people call I either have to refer them to the county executive, state senator or I help them if it’s a federal issue.