Rock Out With Hardcore and Alternative Student Bands

Madelena Lapinski, Staff Writer

Music was, is, and always will be at the heart of culture, activities, and daily life for people all over the world. Here at Dulaney, many students have taken the leap to create bands with other students and spread their passion for music.

Junior Bex Gudis, bassist for “Ulalume” (@ulalume.hc on Instagram), has always had a passion for music, but only began playing the bass in middle school.Then, they joined the hardcore band “Ulalume,” whose inspirations include “Turnstile” and “One Step Closer.” The majority of the bandmates are strong Jewish activists, which manifests itself in their shows where they strive to create a safe and fun environment. 

“It’s just a very welcoming space,” says Gudis.

Come at your own risk, though. Gudis says to “expect madness,” as people dance and listen to the music. The shows, which are usually located at local venues, festivals, or people’s houses, are open invite. Typically, they range from three to eight bands, with setlists averaging at around 15-30 minutes each. In the future, “Ulalume” will be opening for “Combust,” and are  planning to host a concert to raise money for the Phoenix Art Yard. All the details for future events are advertised on the band’s social media. 

For an alternative vibe, take a look at senior Rocco Lupo, the artist behind “R SOUL” (@thisisrsoul on Instagram) and singer for “Figurehead.” From a young age, Lupo found himself singing by the TV or in front of the mirror, and began to consider making his own music  following his participation in a local talent show. With a setlist of thirty to fifty minutes, “Figurehead” plays a variety of music styles including indie, alternative, and pop punk. Lupo’s unique voice allows him to create a lot of diverse music in his solo act as well. 

“For my solo music I usually just make R&B, pop, melodic rap, and stuff like that.” Lupo said.  

You can see “R SOUL” or “Figurehead” perform at local restaurants, festivals, and The Coop. His music is released on Apple Music and other streaming platforms for people to follow.  

Although Gudis and Lupo represent two different artistic styles, they share the same sentiment towards the art of music, agreeing that creating music and performing have been some of the best experiences of their lives. Both students, as well as their bands, are clear in their intent to create a safe space with lots of fun and guaranteed interaction with the band.

“Everyone’s very respectful of other people there. I would just say it’s a good time.” Lupo said. “[It’s] just people dancing along, singing along with us, and then we try to interact with the crowd as well.“ 

Similarly, Gudis emphasizes interaction between the band and audience and encourages everyone to bring friends.

 Gudis says, “bring friends. It’s not hard to get into the community and everybody is really friendly. No one really has [the mentality where] bands sit on a pedestal. With all the bands it’s just like, after they’re done performing they just go into the audience just like everybody else.” 

Gudis and Lupo would love to see you and your friends at a show. Upcoming concert dates are regularly updated on their socials, so if you are looking for a welcoming community with opportunities to meet lots of new people and enjoy amazing music, check it out!