Senior Spotlight: Educating the Future

Kai Smith, Staff Writer

For Matthew Raskin, teaching the people around him has always been a passion of his,
especially when it comes to history.

“I want to teach people about how the world we live in became what it is today,” Raskin said.

With a passion for history, it makes sense that Raskin is taking AP European History this year,
while having also taken both AP World and US History in his sophomore and junior years,
respectively. It was thanks to these classes and Raskin’s teachers that he developed his love for
teaching and history.

“Mr. Wagner and Mr. Lahatte helped me to find my passion within the field of history, namely
British and Western history”, Raskin said.

During his time in high school, Raskin participated in It’s Academic and the marching and jazz
bands. He especially enjoyed participating in the marching band with his friends.

“My favorite memory of [marching band] would be touring London with my friends and
teaching them about everything we saw,” Raskin said.

In the fall, Raskin will be attending Ohio State University, which is known for both its
world-class academic classes and highly rated sports programs. Raskin will be majoring in
history and political science.

“I am most looking forward to learning about my favorite subjects in history and political
science so that I can teach it to other people,” Raskin said.