Disney’s “Frozen 2” freezes out competition

Sophia Paranzino, Staff editor

Disney’s “Frozen” was the highest grossing animated film of all time until this year’s live action “The Lion King,” bringing in a total of $1.27 billion in the box office. With its beautiful songs, stunning animation, and intriguing plot, it’s no wonder that six years after its original release in 2013, children are still singing Elsa’s famous song, “Let It Go.” But how does the sequel, “Frozen 2,” compare? Disney has a track record for releasing sub-par sequels to their famous movies. Hardly anyone will tell you that “Pocahontas II: Journey to A New World,” the straight-to-video sequel of “Pocahontas”, was the better of the two movies. So, with low expectations, I went to see “Frozen 2”, and I was very surprised by what I saw. The intricacy of the animation and the attention to detail was evident from the beginning, from Elsa’s thousands of animated hairs to the lichen on the boulders that showed the work the animators put into the movie. The beautiful color palette of warm, autumn tones is a big shift from the frosty colors of the original, signifying the passage of time.

While the animation stunned, the plot did not live up to the same standards. Not to say that this was not a good movie, but the complexity needed to explain the mythical element-spirits that gave Elsa her powers took away from the story. Although the movie tried to mature its plot in order to appeal to their original audience­­—who has since grown up in the time between the two movies—they need to remember that their target demographic is still children. The complex plot may prove confusing to children, but the remarkable storytelling abilities of Disney Studios still prevail. Without a traditional villain, the cause of the main conflict is a plot twist, captivating the viewers. We also get to see new costumes for all the characters, which provides a refreshing change from the original costumes that have been overused. Though after a few Halloweens, we’ll probably be sick of these new costumes as well.

The songs in “Frozen 2” also leave a strong impact on viewersWhile nothing could compare to Elsa’s, “Let It Go,” the songs were still interesting and well-written, making a beautifully created movie even more impressive.

While “Frozen 2” is a strikingly beautiful and interesting movie, how necessary is it? The original movie, “Frozen,” was not built for a sequel in any means. The original story ended nicely, with the Kingdom of Arendelle opening it gates, summer being restored, and the sisters renewing their relationship. All the loose ends were tied, and the movie seemed to be as most other Disney movies, a successful stand-alone film with the happy ending everyone expected. However, in the beginning of “Frozen 2,” the happy ending established in the first movie was abruptly dissolved, with the characters falling into another bout of restlessness and self-discovery. The sequel was clearly not necessary to the story, but a mere cash grab as the original brought in over a billion dollars for the film studio. Though the sequel is not entirely needed, it will be hard to find any complaints from the sea of children eager to find new songs to sing at every possible occasion.

“Frozen 2” is the stunning sequel to one of the most famous children’s movies in the world. The legacy the movie had to fill gave the sequel an unfair disadvantage, as the first movie set ridiculously high standards for any others that follow. Although the plot didn’t quite meet the original in terms of interest, “Frozen 2” is still a cinematic masterpiece that provides more depth to the original story and will draw in more young “Frozen” fans for years to come.