Check out comic’s sitcom

Kevin Zorbach, Staff Writer

Binge-worthy. That’s the best word to describe “Master of None,” a single-season comedy show streaming on Netflix. It’s composed of 10 episodes that draw viewers into the life of Dev Shah, an Indian actor living in New York, played by comedian and creator of the show, Aziz Ansari.

Most episodes follow a similar plot-line: an important event occurs at the beginning, and later themes of the episode all relate to this one event. In my favorite episode, “Parents,” Dev and his friend Brian (played by co-creator Alan Yang) realize all of the struggles their parents went through as immigrants after Dev auditions for a role in a minority-based film. The stark contrast between a modern-day New York lifestyle and more traditional Southeast Asian customs is apparent, creating a unique cultural clash that adds a more serious, yet funny, facet to the show.

One hilarious motif throughout the show is Dev’s poor ability to make decisions. In the episode “Hot Ticket,” Dev approaches different women throughout the day to ask if they would like to go to a concert with him later that evening, and ends up going with an aggressive kleptomaniac. This is one of the many poor choices Dev makes throughout the show.

The show also humorously satirizes millennial culture. Whenever Dev and his friends are socializing, they are actually just sitting around on their phones or binge-watching TV, satirizing the current culture of youth.

Overall, Ansari and Yang knocked this out of the park. The show earns the title of binge-worthy due to all of its hilarious moments and inimitable character cluster. Once you start watching, it is difficult to let go. Season 2 is coming out in April, and I cannot wait.