Top 10 movies of 2016


You Jin Park, Staff writer

I am a specific type of epicure: the movie kind. I enjoy a wide array of movie selections. During the summer, winter or spring break, the minute I wake up, I ravenously rummage for the greatest kind of movies to watch online whether that be an action, fantasy-based or school related movies. Here are some of the movies that I am interested in watching and what I enjoyed watching for the year of 2016.

  1. “Zootopia” – I watched this movie with the middle school summer camp students when I was working as their counselor. At first, I wondered how an animated film can elicit so much attention from a wide array of viewers. This animated film is not only epic in its character creations, but truly brings out a valuable lesson: that even animals are discriminated against each other. More importantly, animals are almost portrayed as humans, which makes it more exciting to watch.
  2. “Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice” – This movie is ironic when it comes to the comparison between the plot and the title of the movie (I won’t spoil why). I liked this movie because of its limitless suspense, limitless action and limitless sceneries. I would definitely recommend this movie.
  3. “Acceptance” – This is not exactly an official movie. I think it’s a compilation of work of students (don’t quote me on that). It’s about a group of high school international students who apply to colleges and base their views of people solely based on colleges they get admitted. I watched this on a YouTube video and found it very relevant to us seniors out there who are in a mid-crisis finishing our applications. But this movie teaches a revealing lesson that we shouldn’t make everything about college, but rather to enjoy some life.
  4. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” – I watched this movie during the Thanksgiving break with my dad and my sister. This movie has many cool looking creatures and depicts a character who cares for these creatures at the expense of his and his companion’s lives. I liked this movie because it in a way teaches us to protect what we believe despite of what the society has to say.
  5. “Finding Dory” – This one is the most adorable, suspenseful and emotionally profound movie I’ve ever watched in 2016. It’s a great story for those who need a reminder that family is truly a precious part of life.
  6. “The Conjuring 2” – Honestly if you are a horror movie fan, this one’s for you. I’m also a horror movie fan, but I like balance and Conjuring 2 has just that. Conjuring 2 is not the typical horror movie you’d expect: a pale ghost with a long black hair. It’s more than the appearance that scares us. This movie isn’t about the ghost giving subtle signals then popping out at the end. But there is a constant eventful plot, which incite us, the viewers to grip the sides of our seats throughout the movie.
  7. “Now You See Me 2” – I definitely recommend this one. I personally am not a fan of magic tricks but this movie made my view different after watching it. It’s not the kind of magic you’d expect this to be: a rabbit magically drawn out of a magician’s hat. No. It’s much more than that. Watch if for yourself to find out! I can guarantee there will be no regrets, trust me.
  8. “Captain America: Civil War” – Oh my goodness. This is the ONE to watch. It not only showcases my favorite actors and actresses, but it never fails to cover endless action scenes that makes me constantly wide awake to find out what happens every single second.
  9. “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” – Remember Snow White and the Huntsmen that stars Kristin? Well, this movie gives a different layer of story. It encompasses around the huntsman’s life – the training phase and other parts of his life.
  10. “The Legend of Tarzan” – This one is the one I have not yet watched, but am definitely planning to watch over the winter break. The fact that Tarzan is portrayed through real people is so interesting.