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Reid leads on the field

Annabel Park, Bryce Frederick, and Will Behm

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Toughness, explosiveness, and persistence.

These three words describe sophomore junior varsity defensive end and offensive tackle Jeffery Reid, according to sophomore teammates Jack Shimanek and Jack Reilly.

Starting playing at five years old and motivation from his father, Reid has evolved into a key asset of the junior varsity team.

Reid’s job this season is to contain running backs and attack quarterbacks all over the county. In order to improve his performance, Reid worked on his game in the offseason.

“I worked a lot on strength over the offseason, and I started running a lot more,” Reid said.

Additionally, Reid has stepped up to an unofficial leadership role on this year’s team as his teammates and head coach Eric Malecki have noticed.

“When we lost our first game, he got up in front of everyone else and was like I’m not going to quit, and let us know that he was going to work hard at every practice,” Shimanek said.

According to his teammates, this speech sparked positivity and focus in the coming practices and games.

“He’s never satisfied with being good, he wants to be the best.  He is one of the few that can get what I’m telling him to do and proceed to do it, or work until it gets accomplished,” Malecki said.

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One Response to “Reid leads on the field”

  1. Cathy Reid on October 20th, 2016 10:19 am

    Great Article. We’re so proud of you JD!!


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