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Corralling students saps efficiency, irks students

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Among new policy changes this year was the decision to limit student access into the building in the mornings. Only given 15 minutes to attend to their morning activities, students feel inconvenienced.
Athletes must drop their bags off in the excessively-crowded locker room and students who need to meet with teachers are pressed for time.
While passes are given out to students for morning reviews, they do not cover situations where a student may need to see a teacher. It is also difficult to study or do homework in the morning surrounded by people in a loud, crowded lobby or cafeteria.
We recognize this is privilege, but we have to wonder: what happened last year in the morning to prompt such a drastic change?
“In a matter of safety, I can’t have unsupervised students in the building without having someone to watch them. It goes back to [the fact] I’m being trusted to know where they are,” principal Sam Wynkoop said.
Everyone cannot fit inside the cafeteria and auditorium lobby, forcing students to congregate in the senior parking lot.
It will be interesting to see how this policy holds up as the weather gets colder and these students are exposed to the elements.
What’s more, homeroom has been pushed to the end of first period and students no longer have a buffer before their class to settle down or do homework.
Teachers are not technically on duty before 7:30 a.m., and only five administrators are available before hand to watch 1300 kids, Wynkoop said.
“Also I don’t want someone being able to just walk off the street and being able to come in. It’s scary,” Wynkoop said, concerning the restriction on entrances.
Despite students’ widespread discontent, teachers appear to be overwhelmingly approving, according to an anonymous spot survey conducted Sept. 21.
Even skeptics are beginning appreciate having calm mornings to get their work done.
“I thought I would hate it, but the peace and quiet is lovely,” an anonymous teacher said.
But as students, we can agree that the mornings are not peaceful.
Returning homeroom to its place before first period will give both teachers and students their time to work before school.

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