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Guaranteed: more heated debate over new policy

Matt Walters and Will Behm

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It’s cool now, but we all know the heat will return.
If you told me that the heat index would be 90 degrees that early in the morning on any given day, I wouldn’t believe you.
Until it happened. Not one day, but two, creating the five-day-weekend of children’s dreams and a nightmare for non-AC schools’ sports teams.
More than a dozen players on our teams went to speak with Baltimore County Chief of Staff Michele Prumo, who assured them that other teams across the county will also be unable to practice.
“The best explanation we got from her,” senior varsity field hockey player Emma Klein said, “was that it’s like a full system of schools, so if one school doesn’t have kids that can get transportation to their practices, then no one else can practice, and I think that makes it seem more fair.”
Student athletes from AC schools will improve at practice, while student athletes from non-AC schools simply won’t have the opportunity.
Students at AC schools will get key instruction in preparation for finals, while students at non-AC schools will be forced to do extra work on their days off.
BCPS Superintendent Dallas Dance is known for striving for equal education throughout BCPS schools.
But how will this happen when non-AC are missing key days of teacher instruction?
BCPS must take initiative. Instead of missing the school day entirely due to the policy, non- AC schools should have a half day, with athletic practices permitted after.
In Annapolis, Gov. Larry Hogan, State Comptroller Peter Franchot and county exectuive Kevin Kamenetz are butting heads over what the state should do mitigate overheating.
Hogan and Franchot argue for temporary portable AC units, while Kamenetz and Superintendent Dallas Dance stand by the the plan to install centralized AC in all schools by 2019.
With the gubinatorial elections coming up in 2018, AC in schools is sure to be a hot topic, expecially since both Franchot and Kamenetz will fight for the Democratic nomination.
As the debate heats up, stay tuned.

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