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Her voice packs emotion

Gray sings Beyonce's

Gray sings Beyonce's "Listen" at Cabaret in April.

photo from sarah gray

photo from sarah gray

Gray sings Beyonce's "Listen" at Cabaret in April.

grace schneider, associate editor

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To say she has been singing forever isn’t much of an exaggeration.

“I came out of the womb singing pretty much,” junior Sarah Gray said.

Choir teacher Christina Senita has taught Sarah for two years in her Gifted and Talented chorus class.

“She [sings] with a lot of soul and a lot of heart, and that was something that was really special because it can be really hard to sing with that much vulnerability and be willing to try to be artistic in front of a group of people,” Senita said. Gray has never had a vocal coach apart from Senita. Despite this, her voice is nonetheless fantastic, according to senior Michael Cheng, who performed a duet, “One Man Woman,” with Gray at the September Open Mic Night.

“She was the first person I had in mind when I heard the song,” Cheng said. “The song is particularly challenging since it requires a tender voice that, at the same time, needs to be passionate and driving. And that’s exactly what she gave me.”

The harmonies, ad-libs and difficult runs, he said, few could manage, but Gray did them effortlessly.
She doesn’t take part in singing groups outside of school, Gray said, because she prefers small groups to large choirs. But she did join a troupe. She was in the spring musical, “Beauty and the Beast,” last year, playing Babette the feather duster.

She fell in love with singing from a young age. Even at age three and four, Gray would comply naturally.

“My earliest memory of singing was hearing a commercial on TV, and just thinking it was the best tune in the whole world,” Gray said, “something about it made me feel like I just had to sing it. So I did. All the time.”

She never stopped, but her horizons have broadened.

“She likes to play around with songs a lot. She’s not necessarily a writer, but she can freestyle on pretty much anything,” junior Onani Banda said.

“Anyone who’s had the opportunity to sing with her is a very lucky person,” Cheng said. “She is hands down, one of the most talented singers I’ve ever known.”

In the past year, Gray said she has had pain from her throat and received a laryngoscopy to determine the problem. The doctor determined that she speaks in a low register, causing her vocal muscles to contract and strain. She will be attending physical therapy to adjust her speaking voice and ensure that her singing technique is healthy.

“I have no idea what my life would be without singing,” Gray said. “Sometimes it’s the only thing that can get me through a day.”

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